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COTA Strategic Plan

COTA Strategic Plan 2019-2024


Moving every life forward is COTA’s vision for developing and growing to best serve Central Ohio.  With technological advancements and trends in transportation constantly developing, COTA is committed to evolving as an organization by focusing on customer values and providing a service for Central Ohio residents from all walks of life.

The COTA strategic plan is the five-year blueprint for our future that allows for a constant reminder of our goals and values moving forward. We are committed to being more than a transit agency, and using four guiding principles for success in our future initiatives to ensure our overall mission is at the forefront of development decisions.

Guiding Principles

Want to Get Involved?

COTA’s strategic plan puts customer views at the forefront of our developments for the future.  We would love your participation to be sure that we are doing what we can to serve Central Ohio residents in the best ways possible.

Your involvement starts with learning about our guiding principles and reading the strategic plan. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Moving Forward to stay up to date on COTA’s latest developments and keep track of the progress of the strategic plan implementation.