Lost & Found

We Can Help You Find Left-Behind Items

Your Search for Lost Items Starts Here

We’ve all been there. We’re moving quickly, thinking about other things, and we leave something behind.

If you think you left something on the bus, please call us at 614-228-1776 right away. We will do our very best to find your lost item quickly.

Attention Customers: COTA Lost and Found is temporarily located 1600 McKinley Avenue. Columbus, OH 43222.

To help us help you, please provide any combination of the following information:

  • Your line number
  • Bus number
  • Operator number
  • Bus stop number
  • Travel direction and time of travel

If we find your lost item, you can collect it after 1:00 p.m. on the next business day at  COTA’s Administrative Offices at 1600 McKinley Avenue, Columbus.

To make the claim process quick and easy, please be prepared to:

  • Provide an accurate description of the item(s)
  • Sign the property claim tag with your name and address

Unfortunately, we don’t always find lost items. Also, because we have limited storage space, we cannot keep lost items longer than seven (7) days. Bikes are the exception.

Bikes left on the bus bike racks and not reclaimed within 60 days are donated to approved non-profit organizations in accordance with COTA. For questions regarding this process, or to be added to the approved list, please email purchasing@cota.com.