Initiatives, Community Outreach and Service Improvements – COTA

Initiatives, Community Outreach and Service Improvements

Our Engagement with your Community

We reach out to the community by holding community leader roundtable discussions, delivering presentations to neighborhood groups, business and civic organizations and participating in one-on-one and group meetings with our stakeholders.

Each year, COTA participates in over 300 outreach activities that help us know our community better and let the community know COTA better. We want to involve our community stakeholders in our planning process, let COTA officials listen to what the community thinks about our transit plans and increase our presence and value.

COTA is committed to the community. Over the years COTA has implemented several large-scale service improvement initiatives in order to best serve customers as Columbus changes and develops. As Central Ohio continues to grow, COTA will continue to offer solutions that will serve people in all areas, to the best of our abilities and meet our vision to be the region’s transportation leader.

Listed below are some of our initiatives we have introduced to the community. Click on the links below to read more about this exciting developments.