Riding COTA – COTA

Riding COTA

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Plan Ahead


2. Pay the Fare

  • Pay Cash
    • You must have exact cash fare. Drivers do not carry change.


  • Purchase a pass
    • DayPasses can be purchased on the bus. Tell your operator before you pay.
    • Passes may also be purchased at one of our pass locations.
      • Read about fares and our pass program here.
  • Pay with COTA Connector
    • Activate ride ticket on your phone and scan on Farebox
    • Scan smart card on Farebox
    • More details at cota.com/cotaconnector
  • Transfers
    • Ask your operator for a transfer pass if needed. Transfers are free and good for two hours.

3. Signal to Stop

  • Signal to stop by pulling the yellow cord above the window.
    • Stops are announced ahead of time. Please pay close attention to your planned stop.
    • Exit through the back door; this helps keep buses on time. Push on the door to exit.

Additional Rider Info

MORPC Emergency Ride Home Program– Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) offers a  free service to prevent users of alternative transportation from being stranded at work due to illness, unexpected overtime, etc. Learn more.

Downtown C-pass-The Downtown C-pass provides eligible downtown workers unlimited access to the entire bus system of Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) thanks to the partnership of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), COTA and Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (CCSID) downtown property owners. Eligible workers and some residents can use the C-pass any day, any time, on any route. Learn more.

Transit App: Use Transit App for real-time bus tracking, trip planning and more! Available in Itunes and Google Play. Learn more.

Tips on Using the COTA Farebox

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