downtown C-PASS

Ride With Us: Downtown C-Pass

The Downtown C-pass provides eligible downtown workers unlimited access to the entire bus system of Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) thanks to the partnership of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, COTA and Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District downtown property owners.

Eligible workers can use the C-pass any day, any time, on any route. There’s no cost to the employers or employees to participate.

Read the FAQ below or visit for more information.

C-Pass Downtown Employee Bus Program FAQs

What is C-pass?
The C-pass program gives eligible downtown employees access to ride any COTA bus, anytime at no cost to them or their employer. Learn more at

How much does C-pass cost?
There is no cost to eligible companies and employees. C-pass offers unlimited bus access funded by property owners within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District with additional funding from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

Who is eligible for C-pass?
Employees who work in eligible buildings within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District are eligible. Find out which addresses are eligible here. Please check with your employer to see if your company is participating.

Some—but not all—Franklin County and City of Columbus employees also qualify. For more information on eligibility, contact your human resources administrator. You can also consult a C-pass representative at (614) 591-4184 or

How do I register?
A.If you are an employer interested in signing up your employees, get started by registering on the secure member portal here.

If you are an employee, contact your human resources manager to get registered.

How do I get my bus pass?
After your company account manager creates your C-pass account, you have two credential options: the COTA Connector mobile app, and the COTA photo ID. Learn about your options here.

What if I’m eligible to use C-pass but I already have a monthly pass? Can I get my money back?
A.Refunds will not be issued for monthly passes.

I’m the C-pass account manager for a participating employer. Where can I get more information?
A.Check out for helpful communication tools.

Can I opt out of the C-pass program at any time?
A.Yes, you may opt out at any time. Please notify your company account manager to have you removed from the member portal.

 How long is my C-pass valid?

A.Your C-pass will be active through December 31, 2020 as long as you are working for an eligible employer. Property owners will consider renewing the program in 2020.

What happens if I leave my job?
A.Your pass will be deactivated on your last day of employment with an eligible company. If you begin employment with another eligible employer in downtown Columbus, your new employer will need to create a new account for you.

Can my family ride COTA with C-pass too?
A.No. Only the eligible employee can use C-pass.

What if I take the bus to work but then suddenly need to run home?
You can use the Emergency Ride Home   program, a free service that assures commuters they won’t be stranded at work in the case of an emergency, illness or unexpected overtime.

Where can I go for more information on C-pass?
A.Visit or call (614) 591-4184 to speak with a C-pass representative.