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COTA//Plus is a micro-transit program first launched in Grove City in July 2019. This first of its kind service integrates technology with a micro-transit solution to provide customers with further access to jobs, healthcare and more, while also offering a fast, convenient and comfortable transit solution. COTA customers are able to request micro-transit service through a mobile phone application (powered by Via) that allows for fare payment, trip planning and operator requests or by calling COTA’s Customer Service to arrange a trip.

Because mobility is essential to our lives, we are going the extra mile to protect you with daily sanitization procedures that exceed industry standards using virus-killing disinfectants and the cutting-edge technology of long-lasting antimicrobial coatings. This innovative approach is applied through spraying, fogging and intensely cleaning every surface to allow us to keep moving forward, together.

Northeast Franklin County Emergency On-Demand Transportation

COTA’s providing a new COTA//Plus micro-transit service to complement existing transit options during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning Tuesday, May 26th. The new COTA//Plus option is an on-demand pilot project to better serve northeast Franklin County customers who are impacted by recent service reductions. This three-month pilot will provide transit access for customers who are experiencing reduced service or lost fixed-route service in parts of Northeast Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, and New Albany.

Hours of Operation

Beginning May 26th, the service is available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Service Area

During the pilot program, riders will be able to travel within the designated zone of northeast Franklin county that includes parts of Northeast Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, and New Albany. Customers within the defined zone can use the COTA//Plus
app to hail a COTA-branded vehicle to arrive at their nearest bus stop. Customers are transported to a transit stop within that defined zone, or to a transit stop that serves another bus line. The on-demand pilot can connect customers to several
lines including Line 10 or CMAX, which provide access to downtown

Northeast Service Area Map


No fares will be required in accordance with COTA’s current emergency operations (subject to change)


Grove City On-Demand Transportation

COTA is excited to provide on-demand transportation in Grove City with COTA//Plus.

Service Area

Riders are able to travel within the designated zones that include service to Mt. Carmel Grove City and Southpark Industrial Area. Customers can request a ride using the COTA//Plus mobile app and within 15 minutes, a COTA//Plus 6-person vehicle
operated by a COTA driver will respond and arrive to the pick-up location.

Grove City Service Area Map

COTA//Plus will be powered by Via, a branded application for download that will allow for fare payment, trip planning and operator requests.


The costs to ride COTA//Plus are as follows:

Fare Type Cost
Base Fare $3/ride
DayPass $6
Weekly Pass $20
Connection to Bus Stop

(to or from)

No Fare
C-pass No Fare
Student Pass No Fare
Children Under 12 No Fare

Promo Codes for Rider Program

(require registration with student email address, identification, proof of C-pass, etc.)

Program Fare CODE
Capital No Fare COTACAP
Columbus College of Art and Design No Fare COTACCAD
Columbus Public Schools No Fare COTACPS
Grove City Student No Fare COTAGROVE
Under 12 No Fare
Keycard Reduced COTAKEY
Senior Reduced COTASEN
Mainstream Reduced COTAMAIN

Additional Information

For further details on the COTA//Plus programs, please view the following: