Connecting you to vaccination opportunities – COTA

Connecting you to vaccination opportunities

St. John Arena Mass Vaccination Event

COTA is offering transportation assistance to customers in underserved communities who are scheduled to be vaccinated at this week’s pop-up mass vaccination clinic at St. John Arena. People who have scheduled their vaccination can book a trip to and from St. John Arena at no charge using COTA Mainstream On-Demand.

Event Details

  •   Location: 410 Woody Hayes Drive (Ohio State University Campus)
  •   Event #1: March 18-21, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (12,500 1st doses of Pfizer vaccine)
  •   Event #2: April 8-11, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (12,500 2nd doses of Pfizer vaccine)
  •   Partners: Kroger, Franklin County Public Health, Columbus Public Health
  •   Pickup & Dropoff: Drop off on the north side of building; pick up on south side of building (all patients will enter via north doors, and exit through south doors)

COTA Transportation Options

  •   COTA Mainstream On-Demand: Customers who need a ride to the St. John Arena Mass Vaccination event may book a trip from anywhere in the COTA service area to St. John Arena. Due to a generous grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the trip will be no fare. Please note that you will not be picked up by a typical 40-foot COTA coach; instead, a Mainstream vehicle or standard sedan will fulfill these trips.

To book a ride to your vaccination appointment, call: 614-344-4488

Nearest COTA Fixed-Route Services to the St. John Arena Pop-up

  • Plan your trip on
  • Line 1 Kenny/Livingston: Use stops at W. Lane Ave & Tuttle Park. St. John Arena is on southwest corner of this intersection.
  • Line 2 N. High/E. Main, Line 31 Hudson, Line 102 Polaris/N. High: Use stops at High & Woodruff northbound or N. High & 18th Ave. southbound. Walk west about 10 minutes via Woodruff Ave. (Woodruff becomes Woody Hayes) to reach St. John Arena.
  • Line 8 Karl/Parsons/S. High, Line 22 OSU/Rickenbacker, Line 31 Hudson: Use stops at Neil Ave. & 11th Ave. Walk north on Neil Ave. and turn west at Woodruff Ave. to reach St. John Arena. The walk is about 15 minutes.

map of mobility vaccination sites 

Get a Ride to Other Franklin County Vaccination Sites

At COTA, we care about the health and safety of our customers and communities. To make sure everyone can get to their vaccinations, COTA will provide no-fare rides to vaccination sites across Columbus. Those interested in booking a ride for their vaccination appointment can choose any of the following methods:


  • COTA Mainstream On-Demand
    • Any community member can call COTA Mainstream On-Demand (614-344-4488) to schedule a ride to and from a vaccination site at no cost. 
  • COTA//Plus
    • COTA//Plus service will provide rides to and from vaccination sites within our zones at no cost. For more information or to schedule a trip, go to
  • Columbus Stand Up!
    • COTA is proud to support Columbus Stand Up! by providing additional drivers for trips to vaccination appointments during times of high demand. Columbus Stand Up! is a grassroots organization committed to the health and safety of Columbus residents. 
    • For more information or to schedule a trip, visit the Columbus Stand Up! website.
  • Accessible Vaccination Locations
  • Additional Resources 
    • COTA is partnering with Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) throughout the region to provide no-cost passes for vaccination appointments.