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Surveys and Feedback

Your feedback makes COTA better

Current surveys

COTA is currently working with EMC research to establish COTA Voice, a customer research panel. At COTA, your experience is the core of everything we do. Join COTA Voice ( and share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for our success. Rewards available for panel contributors. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Survey Types

COTA conducts a variety of surveys to learn more from current and potential riders. Surveys can ask a variety of questions about:

  • Specific change to a bus line
  • Demographics
  • Travel behavior
  • Comments on long-term system-wide changes
  • What kind of public transit the public wants to see in the future

Information collected through surveys is analyzed and incorporated into our decision making process.

Types of commonly conducted surveys include:

  • Rider Surveys – Conducted on the bus by COTA staff. These surveys usually ask about a particular change to a route, a rider’s destination and origin (your home, for example) and when a rider uses the bus. Rider surveys give COTA a snapshot of how our riders use a particular line and help identify changes that may improve service.
  • On-Board Surveys – On-board surveys are usually conducted on the majority of COTA’s bus lines and sometimes on all bus lines. On-board surveys ask in-depth demographic questions about how often a rider uses the bus, destinations and origins, fare type, income, race and other demographic questions. This survey is frequently used by COTA staff to identify trends or patterns that may tell us how to change services or new, customer focused services.The information collected is incorporated into the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) transportation model. This model projects how central Ohio’s transportation needs will grow. Visit for more information.
  • Planning Survey – Conducted as part of the public involvement and planning process for updating COTA’s short and long-range plans, creating a new bus line or a specific project such as a bus rapid transit line. These surveys are about the future and are often available on-line and in paper (if requested). These surveys involve presenting an idea or concept and asking the public to comment and provide their ideas on COTA’s future role in central Ohio.

Surveys are not the only way to provide your input, COTA continuously encourages feedback from the community. Visit COTA’s customer service page for more information.