Ethics Policy – COTA

Ethics Policy

COTA is Committed to Excellence, Every Day

COTA’s Ethics Policy inspires and governs the behavior of all COTA trustees, officers and employees.

The following is an excerpt of COTA’s Ethics Policy.

1.0 Purpose and Scope

It is essential to the proper administration and operation of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (hereinafter, “COTA”) that its Board of Trustees, Officers and employees be and give the appearance of being independent and impartial; that service to and employment by COTA not be used for private or personal benefit; that all applicable laws, rules and regulations are complied with; and, that the public have confidence and in the integrity of COTA as a public authority. Board Members, Officers and employees must, at all times, abide by protections to the public embodied in Ohio’s ethics laws, as found in the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) Chapters 102 and 2921, as interpreted by the Ohio Ethics Commission and Ohio courts. Officials and employees must conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that avoids favoritism, bias and the appearance of impropriety. In recognition of these goals, COTA has adopted this Ethics Policy, which is applicable to all members of the Board of Trustees, Officers and employees of COTA as a defined herein.

The purpose of this Ethics Policy is to reiterate standards of ethical conduct contained in the ethics law and related statutes, which are applicable to the COTA Board of Trustees, Officers and employees in the discharge of their official duties and to set forth policy restrictions against conflicts of interest and other conduct not consistent with good ethical practices without creating unnecessary barriers to public service. A general summary of the restraints upon the conduct of the COTA Board of Trustees, Officers and employees includes, but is not limited to, those identified herein.

This Ethics Policy reiterates ethical standards that Board Members, Officers and employees must adhere to in performing public service. While many of the standards contained in this Ethics Policy are legal in nature, we want to conduct ourselves in such a way that even the appearance of unethical behavior is avoided. We must conduct ourselves with integrity at all times.

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