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COTA’s September Service Change Takes Effect on September 5


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COLUMBUS—The Central Ohio Transit Authority’s (COTA) September Service Changes take effect on
Monday, Sept. 5. To learn more about the changes, visit
September Service Change highlights include the following:
Travel Time Adjustments
1 Livingston Weekday
4 Parsons Weekday
8 Frebis Sunday
8 Hamilton Sunday
10 E. Broad Weekday
10 W. Broad Weekday
30 Smoky Row Weekday
31 Worthington Weekday
47 Brice Weekday
COTA AirConnect All Days
2L Crosswoods/ All Days
New Name Change
Night Owl, like the CBUS® and COTA AirConnect, will be listed by its name, without a number. The number
“21” will no longer be associated with the Night Owl. Instead, it will be used for the new line 21 Hilliard-Rome.
New Service
The new 21 Hilliard-Rome service will link westside Columbus, Hilliard, Tuttle Mall, Hollywood Casino and
Carriage Place Shopping Center, and provide new connections to existing COTA service.
New Park & Ride
The new 58 Dublin/59 Dublin Metro service will provide seamless transition relocating from existing temporary
Park & Ride location to COTA owned Park and Ride on Dale Drive.
COTA makes adjustments to its service three times a year in January, May and September. COTA’s ongoing
expansion program includes adding service hours in 2016. Service expansion includes service to new
destinations, increased frequency of service on existing routes, and increased spans of service. For more
information, please visit or contact COTA at (614) 228-1776.

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