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COTA ridership highest since 1986


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COLUMBUS—In 2014, the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) provided 19.3 million bus trips, the highest
annual ridership on the system since 1986. Ridership increased more than 550,000 trips above 2013,
representing nearly a 3% increase in annual ridership.*
“We’re very pleased that our 40th Anniversary year ridership reached a 28-year high,” said Curtis Stitt,
President/CEO. “Members of this community are positively responding to our system improvements and more
people are using public transportation. I am excited about the prospect of reaching our goal of 20 million trips
this year.”
COTA continued its dedication to expanding and improving service in 2014 with the launch of the CBUS®
, and
reverse commute service to the New Albany International Business Park, creating new paradigms for
community partnerships and service. COTA also made several improvements to passenger amenities and the
aesthetic of Downtown in 2014. New High Street passenger shelters, developed in partnership with the
Columbus College of Art & Design, were installed. COTA also renovated both of its Downtown transit terminals
for CNG compliance and new passenger amenities.
COTA began its service expansion program in 2007. Service expansion includes service to new destinations,
increased frequency of service on existing routes, and increased spans of service. In 2014, COTA operated
more than 980,000 service hours. In 2015, COTA plans to operate more than one million service hours.
*Ridership Figures:
– 2014 Total Ridership (Fixed-route & Mainstream): 19,299,676 trips
– Fixed-route ridership: 19,041,383 trips
– Includes CBUS ridership: 348,230 trips
– Mainstream ridership: 258,293 trips
– 2013 Ridership (Fixed-route & Mainstream): 18,749,506 trips
– 1986 Ridership (Fixed-route & Mainstream): 24,060,634 trips

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