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COTA Highlights Partnerships, Collaboration and Vision at Annual Luncheon


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Charlotte Chamber of Commerce President and CEO delivers keynote address
COLUMBUS, OH—On Thurs., Aug. 20, more than 400 community stakeholders attended the Central Ohio
Transit Authority’s (COTA) annual luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. The event, themed, “We move
people. People move us.” celebrated partnerships, collaboration and visioning to align COTA’s goals with
those of the community, and speakers emphasized the importance of a shared vision for the future of public
transit in central Ohio.
COTA President/CEO Curtis Stitt updated the audience on COTA’s partnerships and contributions to the
economic development of the region. Stitt also spoke about the importance of providing public transit to
growing employment centers in New Albany and the Rickenbacker area through innovative partnerships.
“COTA is committed to working with all of our many partners to accomplish the community’s goals, and to plan
and build a public transit system that will meet the needs of this growing region into the future,” Stitt said.
Robert Morgan, President and CEO of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, delivered the keynote address.
Morgan shared how Charlotte has embraced transit over the last 20 years to meet the region’s goals.
“It’s important to make sure your city is a place people want to live,” Morgan said. “Transit is a base line
expectation for the people you are trying to attract.”

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