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COTA Fares Will Not Change in 2018


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COLUMBUS, OH—Fares on Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) buses will not change in 2018. Following a
review of its current fare structure and a public comment process, Interim President/CEO Emille Williams
announced today that COTA would not pursue a fare adjustment or change in fare policy at this time.
Instead, Williams proposed evaluating fares later in 2018 once there is a complete year of data about the
impacts of the Transit System Redesign (TSR), a major realignment of COTA’s service that launched in May
“I’m confident that reviewing the first year of TSR operations will enable our team to better evaluate our fares,
consider adjustments and potential impacts, and proceed with thoughtful and prudent fare policy
recommendations,” Williams said.
The last time COTA adjusted fares upward was in 2012.

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