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COTA Employees Surprise Young Man with Brand New Bicycle


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COLUMBUS, OH—On Fri., Mar. 18, employees from
the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) surprised
COTA passenger Osman Mayo, age 14, with a brand
new bicycle. Mayo had been riding a COTA bus that
was in an accident on Mar. 9 and his bicycle, which
was on the bicycle rack at the time, was damaged
beyond repair.
The COTA employees who responded to the accident
noticed Mayo, who was visibly upset about the bicycle
being damaged. His family lives more than a 30 minute
walk from a COTA bus stop, so his bicycle serves as
his mode of transportation to the bus, as well as to the
library and his chess club. Mayo had just received the
bicycle last Christmas from The Buckeye Ranch. He
was devastated by the loss.
The vehicle that pulled out in front of the COTA bus and caused the accident fled the scene, so a claim could
not be filed to replace Mayo’s bicycle. The COTA employees who responded to the accident were upset about
how distraught the boy was, and could not stop thinking about him. A group of employees collected money to
buy Mayo a brand new bicycle, lights/reflectors and a lock!
“We saw a need, and couldn’t sit back and not do something,” said Jimmy Pugh, COTA Vehicle Maintenance
Supervisor. “We all came together with a plan to buy him a new bike.”
The bicycle was presented to Mayo at COTA’s Fields Operations Facility where the employees who donated the
money for the bicycle work.

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