COTA Bus Operators & Mechanics to Compete in Annual Roadeo on August 27 – COTA

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COTA Bus Operators & Mechanics to Compete in Annual Roadeo on August 27


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WHO: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)
WHAT: COTA Bus Roadeo
WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 27
9:30 a.m. – Competition begins
WHERE: Ohio Expo Center
717 E. 17th Ave.
Enter off of 17th Avenue. Directional signage will be in place.
This Saturday, COTA operators, vehicle maintenance team members and paratransit operators will display the
skills it takes to work in public transportation by competing in the annual “Roadeo.”
COTA fixed-route and paratransit operators will maneuver buses through obstacle courses created especially
for the competition. Operators are also evaluated on knowledge of safety, rules of the road, policies, personal
appearance, pre-trip vehicle inspection and ability to negotiate obstacles on the course, which relate directly to
daily job occurrences.
Vehicle maintenance team members will compete in a written test, and are tasked with finding seven defects in
10 minutes or less in the following: engines and transmission modules; air conditioning and heating modules;
air brakes and ABS board; vapor door module; and multiplexing and electrical board. Competitors will also be
evaluated on the ability to find 14 defects in a running bus in 10 minutes or less.
The COTA Roadeo qualifies winning staff members to move on to the American Public Transportation
Association’s (APTA) International Bus Roadeo in spring 2017.

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