Passenger Wi-Fi – COTA

Passenger Wi-Fi

What is Passenger Wi-Fi?

In August 2017, COTA became only the third large transit agency in the United States to launch fleet wide passenger Wi-Fi for its customers.

This free service allows passengers to access the internet, check Facebook, watch a movie all from the comfort of the COTA coach.

All coaches have the below symbol to indicate the coach has passenger wi-fi available.

How do I use passenger Wi-Fi?

  • After boarding the bus and paying your fare, use your device connectivity setting to pull up the COTA Passenger WIFI network. From there, you will be directed to this log in screen:You have the OPTION of registering using:
    • Your Facebook account
    • Your First Name
    • Your Email Address

    Registering is optional. The ONLY mandatory step for connecting to on-board Wi-Fi is accepting our Terms & Conditions by clicking on the box at the bottom of the screen. From there, you are free to use Wi-Fi on your personal device while riding COTA.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available at the following COTA locations:

·        Outside of COTA’s Pass Sales Office at 33 N. High St.
·        The COTA Spring Street Terminal at 33 W. Spring St.
·        The COTA Transit Terminal at 25 E. Rich St.
·        The COTA shelter at the John Glenn International Airport on the Arrivals level