Transit System Redesign

What is the Transit System Redesign (TSR)

COTA’s first overhaul of the entire bus network launched on  May 1, 2017.

Through input from the public, stakeholders and the Board of Trustees, a new bus network was developed. Prior to the implementation of any changes, COTA sought public input to hear from our customers.

The new bus network was designed by allocating 70% of bus service to high-ridership lines, and 30% of bus service to coverage lines. Coverage lines are strategic to the region, connecting people to employment and other major destinations in less dense areas.

COTA simplified our routes, to make service more direct and routes that work together to provide more connection to the destinations you need.

TSR Benefits

  • Improved transit service
  • Connecting more people to more jobs with shorter wait times
  • Provides more travel options for the growing populations
  • More frequent and consistent service seven days a week

Project Timeline

October 2013

Independent experts hired to review and evaluate the entire bus network

March-June 2014

COTA received public input through 10 public meetings, an online survey and focus groups

September 2014

New proposed bus network completed based on public feedback

November 2014

COTA Board of Trustees accepted final report and adopted framework

May & June 2015

Host four public comment meetings; review public comments

June 24, 2015

Advise Board of Trustees on public comments

June – September 2015

Adjust full TSR bus system plan

October-November 2015

Host additional public meetings; Review public comments; Identify 2016-2017 capital improvements for budget

November 18 2015

Advise Board of Trustees on final public comments

November 2015 – January 2016

Finalize system plan; Develop draft schedules

January 2016 – January 2017

Continue implementation of TSR

May 1, 2017

Major implementation of TSR, including Downtown Plan

January 1, 2018

Launch of CMAX Cleveland Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)