GREAT Service

Transportation in the Rickenbacker area

Great Service

GREAT (Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit) shuttle service connects employees traveling to the Rickenbacker area on COTA Lines 22 and 24 to various businesses located throughout the industrial park. Shuttle service, operated by the City of Groveport and Village of Obetz, is free to customers.

COTA Service All Day, 7 days a week

Click here to download the GREAT schedule

GREAT Shuttles

Shuttles connect with COTA’s Lines 22 and 24 at specific bus stops, depending on the desired shuttle route.
Check individual shuttle routes to view scheduled operating times. Operating times are designed to support area business shift changes in the morning, afternoon and evening. GREAT does not run on Christmas Day and Easter. Visit the GREAT website for full details.

Cost of Riding

There is no cost to ride the GREAT Shuttles.
Purchase Local 31-DayPasses in advance.
Click here to learn more about purchasing your pass.

Can We Help?

Learn where to catch you bus by using the COTA Trip Planner. You can also get how to ride advice and help planning your trip over the phone by contacting COTA Customer Service at (614) 228-1776, for both COTA and GREAT information.

MORPC: Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

MORPC’s Gohio Commute Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is a free service that assures commuters won’t be stranded at work in the event of an emergency, unexpected overtime, or if you’ve missed your bus. Visit MORPC’s Gohio Commute site to register for this free program.