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NextGen: it's your move

Get Involved!

How – and where – should our communities invest over the next 10, 15, 25 years and beyond?

We need your input! Throughout the three stages of the NextGen initiative, we are looking for your ideas and opinions as our current and future transit customers.

If you use public transit, we want to know what makes the existing services valuable to you, what can Central Ohio improve upon, and what new services and facilities would you like to see. If you don’t use public transit now, what types of improvements would make you want to ride?

Let your voice be heard by sending a comment, concern or question to

Public Forums

Six public meetings and more than 40 events were held during Phase 1 between March and June 2015. Phase 2 meetings were hosted in late September, and outreach throughout Central Ohio communities was completed in October and early November 2015.

The final phase will kick off in late winter and early spring 2017! Check back for meeting dates and locations.

Learn More

Check out Phase 1 and 2 information and explore this website to learn more about the initiative and potential ways to upgrade the COTA system. We’ll keep the information up-to-date throughout the course of the project, so please stay tuned!