Employer & OSU Faculty Passes – COTA

Employer & OSU Faculty Passes

COTA Puts the “Bus” in Business

How It Works:

  • Determine how many passes your company needs each month or quarter
  • COTA delivers the passes to your company
  • Your company sells and distributes passes to employees
  • Your company pays only for the passes sold
  • COTA picks up all unused passes around the 15th of the month
  • There is a minimum quantity required to become an outlet

Call COTA Pass Sales at (614) 228-4125 to learn more.

7-Day Pass Program

Our 7-day passes are perfect for hotels, conventioneers, out-of-town business professionals, senior groups, youth groups and tourists. At just $25 each, our 7-day passes cost less than renting a car, paying for taxis or catching a shuttle service. Passes are good for unlimited rides on all COTA routes for seven consecutive days. Please note, an additional charge of $0.75 is required on each Rush Hour trip with these passes.

Available at COTA Pass Sales office or Ticket Vending Machine, 33 N. High Street, or participating Kroger and Giant Eagle stores. Contact Customer Service, (614) 228-1776, to find out more about how to purchase 7-day passes in bulk.

Pre-Tax Passes

**COTA does not facilitate this discount. Check with your employer’s Human Resource department to see if your company offers this benefit.

IRS Regulation 132 offers substantial dollar savings to transit riders on their daily commute costs. These savings come from federal, state, and FICA taxes that are not accessed on transit costs when paid by employees on a pre-tax basis. The IRS establishes employers as the gatekeeper for this federally-approved program. Employers must deduct the cost of the pass each month from the employee’s paycheck.

Check with your employer’s Human Resource department to see if your company offers this benefit. Learn more about transit benefits at https://www.wageworks.com.

OSU Faculty Discount Passes via Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction

Ohio State faculty and staff now have the opportunity to purchase discounted COTA monthly fares for all COTA routes via pre-tax payroll deduction. After enrolling in payroll deduction, the program will require participating employees to obtain a new BuckID and “swipe it” to gain access to all COTA fixed routes.

Faculty and staff may receive a $4 discount through payroll deduction which will also be assessed pre-tax. 31-DayPasses will also be available to purchase at select locations at OSU. The combination of the longstanding $4 discount and the added value of the pre-tax benefit offer greater savings to those who participate.

All employees wishing to participate must use the Employee Self Service via Ohio State to elect to have a pre-tax deduction taken from their pay each month for access to Local COTA routes. See OSU’s directions on starting and stopping COTA deduction here.