Discount Fares

Fares Currently Suspended

For the safety of our customers and our staff, COTA has suspended fares to allow for rear door boarding and to encourage social distancing. For more information, please call Customer Care at (614) 228-1776.


Customers who qualify for a discount can ride COTA’s fixed-route service at half the cost of regular fare and do not pay an upcharge for Rush Hour lines. Customers must present the COTA ID when boarding the bus to receive the discount. COTA offers two types of discount IDs: Senior and Key.

Discount One-way Fare $1.00 (Senior and Key)
Discount DayPass $2.25 (Senior and Key)
Discount 31-Day Pass $31.00 (Senior and Key)

Persons who are eligible for half-price fares with the COTA Senior or Key cards include the following:

  • People 65 years of age or older will receive a Senior ID. The Senior ID is valid for three years. Learn more about the Senior ID.
  • Persons with disabilities who are, according to Federal and State law, “unable without special facilities or special planning or design to utilize public transportation facilities and services effectively.” [49 USC 1608 (c)(4), Section 99206.5, CA PUC]. Learn more about accessibility for disabled riders.
  • Medicare card holders will receive a Key ID when they present their Medicare card and a photo ID. The Key ID is valid for two years. View the discount fare brochure
  • Any qualified veteran will receive a Key ID. Veterans who hold a disability rating for aid and attendance, or a service-connected disability with a rating level of 80 percent or higher are eligible for a Key ID. The discount card is valid for two years. View the discount fare brochure.