How to Ride

It's easy!

Riding is easy. Just know where you want to go and when! Check out Maps and Routes to plan your trip.

Plan Ahead

Use the Find My Bus Stop feature on the homepage to see where your trip starts.

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Stand next to the bus stop sign so the driver knows to pick you up.
  • Review transfer zones and how to get to them
  • Check out this destinations cheat sheet for fun places to visit via COTA routes

Get on the Bus

  • Check the line and destination are on the front of the bus
  • Pay when you board
    • Cash: You must have exact fare in bills or coins. COTA does not provide change
    • Transfers: Ask your operator for a transfer pass if needed. Transfers are free and good for two hours. Transfers let you continue your trip in one direction.
    • Passes: DayPasses can be purchased on the bus. Tell your operator that's what you need before you pay. Learn more about the rest of our passes here.
  • After you pay, find a seat or move toward the rear. Remember, the seats in the front of the bus are for people with disabilities and older adults—the driver will ask you to move for these riders.

Signal to Stop

  • Stops are announced ahead of time
  • Pull the yellow cord above the window to let the driver know you want to get off at the next stop
  • Exit through the back door; this helps keep buses on time
    • Push on the door to exit


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