Service Changes

Changes Come in January, May and September

In order to adapt to increasing demand and ongoing infrastructure improvements in Central Ohio, COTA makes changes to our service three times a year in January, May and September. Two rounds of public meetings are held before every change to ensure our customers have ample opportunity to comment and adapt to these changes.

Time to Talk January

Public information meetings for January Service Changes, effective Monday, January 2, 2017, were held on December 8 & 13.

View the presentation below and provide feedback via Facebook, Twitter, the Contact Us form or by calling (614) 228-1776.

January 2017 Service Changes from COTA BUS

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JanuaryServices Changes Effective Monday, January 2

Please click here to view the January Service Change booklet.

COTA asks and encourages the public to participate through public meetings, customer service and online. Reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter with your questions!

Service changes take place on the first Monday of January, May and September. For each service change, COTA holds two rounds of public meetings.

The first round, public comment meetings, is held 3-4 months before a service change takes place to inform the public on what changes are being considered, and gather comments to help make decisions. The second round of meetings, public information meetings, are held one month before a service change takes place to educate the public on what changes will be made on the first Monday of the following month.

COTA posts commuter bulletins at bus stops affected by a proposed service change. Commuter bulletins describe the proposed change, may include maps, and tell you how to give your feedback to COTA.

Click here for a list of upcoming public meetings.