Ohio State Faculty and Staff

Discount Local Passes via Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction

Ohio State faculty and staff now have the opportunity to purchase discounted COTA monthly fares for local routes via pre-tax payroll deduction. After enrolling in payroll deduction, the program will require participating employees to obtain a new BuckID and "swipe it" to gain access to Local COTA fixed routes, beginning May 1, 2015.

Several COTA routes provide service between Ohio State campus and locations throughout Columbus. OSU's Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) and COTA share multiple bus stops on campus allowing easy transfers between the two systems.

Faculty and staff may receive a $4 discount through payroll deduction which will also be assessed pre-tax. 31-DayPasses will also be available to purchase at select locations at OSU. The combination of the longstanding $4 discount and the added value of the pre-tax benefit offer greater savings to those who participate.

All employees wishing to participate must use the Employee Self Service via Ohio State to elect to have a pre-tax deduction taken from their pay each month for access to Local COTA routes. See OSU's directions on starting and stopping COTA deduction here.

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Access COTA's Trip Planner here. Questions? Contact Customer Service.