Riding Public Transit is EASY!

Planning a trip and riding the bus is easy. Travel Trainers will help you plan trips and ride the bus.

Travel Training is for Anyone - Including You!

Sometimes the difference between trying something new, and trying nothing at all, is getting a helping hand.

When it comes to riding COTA, our Travel Trainers are here to offer assistance. Travel Training is a personal service focusing on your needs, is free and available to anyone, from older adults to those seeking independence by using public transportation.

Customized Training Sessions

COTA Travel Trainers are friendly and respectful. They customize individual training sessions to fit your needs. You'll walk to your bus stop together, review bus schedules and fares---everything you want to know to make bus riding easy.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn to:

  • Plan your trip using the easiest and safest route
  • Reach specific destinations
  • Read and understand route maps and schedules
  • Locate and transfer to other buses
  • Board the bus with a mobility device
  • Move your wheelchair or scooter onto the bus safely
  • Travel to and from bus stops
  • Recognize bus numbers, bus stops and landmarks
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Board and exit the bus safely
  • Know where and how to safely cross the street
  • Get service information
  • Travel independently and confidently by COTA bus!