Eligibility for Mobility Services

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How Do I Qualify?

Eligibility for Mobility Services

Applicants may be eligible for Mobility Services if they are unable to do any of the following due to a condition:

  1. Individuals with a disability who are unable, as a result of a physical or mental impairment (including a vision impairment), to independently board, ride or exit from a COTA fixed-route bus even if they are able to get to a bus stop and the bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp.

Example, but not limited to:

  • Individuals who cannot ride the bus independently, recognize bus stops, read a bus schedule, determine the fare, etc.
  1. Individuals who have a specific impairment-related condition which prevents them from getting to or from the bus stop.

Examples, but not limited to:

  • Individuals with special sensitivity to temperatures that may prohibit travel to or from a bus stop in certain weather conditions

  • Individuals with physical conditions that prevent them from getting to or from a bus stop due to lack of sidewalks and curb cuts

Eligibility is not based on the following:

  • Age (i.e. senior citizen), income or financial need
  • Not have a car, being unable to drive or inconvenient bus schedules
  • Not being able to carry books, groceries, children or other items on the bus
  • A particular medical diagnosis or name of a disability (merely having a diagnosis of “disability”)
  • Not having bus service near the home (living in an area where bus service is simply not available)
  • Use of a mobility aid
  • The reason or importance of the trip (the ADA prohibits restrictions or priorities based on trip purpose)


Mobility Device Specifications – Weight and Size

COTA Mainstream vehicle lifts can accommodate mobility devices with the dimensions of 32” wide by 51” length with a weight, when occupied by the rider, of not more than 800 lbs.

For more information, call COTA Mobility Services Department at 614-275-5828 or email paratransit@cota.com.