Applying for COTA Mainstream

To apply for COTA Mainstream, an application must be completed Download the Mobility Services Application or call Mobility Services at (614) 275-5828 to request the application be mailed, faxed or emailed.
Once you receive the application you must complete part 1 of your application. You must also have a specialist that oversees your currently functional limitation(s) that prevent you from using the fixed route bus complete part 2 of the application. Only after both parts have been completed you can call (614) 275-5833 to schedule an appointment to attend an interview/functional assessment. All applicants must bring their completed application with them at the time of their appointment. All assessments are conducted at the Mobility Services Facility located at 1330 Fields Ave.

Having the application complete and available at the time of the assessment appointment will help to make the appointment go faster.
All new applicants and recertifying customers must bring their current valid photo ID at the time of their interview assessment appointment.
Applicants must bring the mobility aid that they normally use when traveling. (cane, walker, etc.)
It is important to note when recertifying, an applicant may experience a lapse in service if they do not keep their assessment appointment or fail to complete the entire process by their expiration date.