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How to Apply for a COTA Mobility Services ADA ID Card

Applying for Mobility Services

To qualify for Mobility Services, you must have a condition that prevents use of the fixed-route bus service.

Step 1:

Download the Mobility Services Application or call Mobility Services at 614-275-5828 to request the application be mailed.

The applicant must complete Part 1. The applicant can receive assistance from someone else, but wherever possible the applicant’s answers must be written. If someone assists, state the relationship between the applicant and the person assisting at the end of Part 1. Note: When questions ask for detailed examples, please give them. This will help the Eligibility Administrator understand the applicant’s functional limitations.

Example: How does this condition prevent you from using the fixed-route COTA bus?

  • “Diabetes has a negative effect on my stamina.”
  • “I have trouble gathering enough strength to get out of bed some mornings and I spend a lot of time resting trying to recuperate.”
  • “The arthritis makes it more difficult for me to maintain my balance since it is mostly in my feet and ankles.”

Step 2:

Have your physician or licensed medical professional who is most familiar with your functional limitations imposed by your condition complete and sign Part 2 of the application.

Tip: Professionals who are qualified to complete this form include: Audiologist; Chiropractor; Registered Nurse; Medical Doctor; Mobility Specialist; Physical Therapist; Occupational Therapist; Optometrist; Ophthalmologist; Psychologist; Psychiatrist; Nurse Practitioner; Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW must specialize in specific functional limitations).

Step 3:

Call the Mobility Coordinator at 614-275-5833 to schedule an appointment to submit your application and attend an interview/functional assessment.

Should you need it, transportation on Mainstream for your interview/functional assessment can be arranged for you.Let the Mobility Coordinator know you need it when you schedule the appointment. A Mainstream Customer Service Representative will contact you to arrange your trip times. Travel to and from the interview/functional assessment will be free of charge.

If a ride request on Mainstream cannot be accommodated because you live outside COTA’s service area, you must find other means of transportation to the interview/functional assessment.

If a ride is scheduled on Mainstream and you are unable to attend the assessment, please cancel the ride as soon as possible by calling 614-272-3033.

Step 4:

Attend an Interview/Functional Assessment

COTA Mobility Services must get a clear picture of what the applicant is and is not capable of doing as it pertains to riding public transportation. Interviews and functional assessments consist of specific observation or testing of a person’s abilities, skills or limitations.

The assessment may be of physical, cognitive, or navigational factors influencing a person’s ability to use fixed-route public transportation. Assessments may be of basic abilities and competency for daily functioning, such as testing strength, balance, walking ability, basic memory, etc. Assessments may also be tailored to specific environmental conditions related to using transit service, such as climbing bus steps or maneuvering wheelchairs into an actual vehicle or in crossing typical street intersections and locating specific bus stops.

Step 5:

You will receive a status notification via U.S. mail. If you do not receive notification within 21 days after the interview/functional assessment, you will be given temporary eligibility to use Mainstream until you are officially notified otherwise. If you are denied eligibility, you have the right to appeal the decision.

Mobility Services Certification

Initial approval for Mobility Services is for two years. Thereafter, every three years you are required to complete the recertification process.

For more information, call COTA Mobility Services Department at 614-275-5828 or email