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Know Before You Go with COTA Rider Alerts.


Stop CLOSED High & Ohio Center Way (Convention Center) 8/2-9/27
Bus stop 4094 at N. High St. & Ohio Center Way (Convention Center south) will be closed beginning Saturday, August 2, until Saturday, September 27, due to construction. Click for info.


CBUS Stop Nationwide & Front Closed 7/8-9/1
The stop on Nationwide at Front will be closed Tuesday, July 8, until September. Please use the stop on N. Front at Hickory. Click for a map.


Construction at South Terminal (Columbus Commons Garage) Starts Monday, March, 17
Please be advised that renovations will begin at the South Terminal on Monday, March 17 at 10 a.m.


North Terminal CLOSED Starting 4/28/14
The North Terminal will be under construction starting Monday, April 28, 2014. Click to learn more.


Line 81 REROUTES Joyce/5th-17th May-September
Line 81 will experience several reroutes due to construction beginning Monday, May 19. St. Stephen's Community House will not be served. Click for detailed info.


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