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COTA Public Meetings

COTA Public Meetings

COTA invites the public to attend and participate at all public meetings, including Service Change meetings, Board meetings, BRT meetings and TSR meetings.

COTA Service Change Public Meetings 

COTA makes changes to service every January, May and September. Service change meetings are scheduled accordingly. COTA encourages riders to attend these meetings. You can also provide a comment on our customer contact page (please select Service Concerns), by phone, by mail, or by Twitter.

Four (4) public meetings have taken place to share information about the proposed service and take public comments and suggestions about the proposed service.  You can also provide a comment on our customer contact page (please select Service Concerns), by phone, by mail, or by Twitter.

Title VI and Environmental Justice Public Information Meetings

COTA and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are sensitive to the transportation needs of minority and low-income communities. Accordingly, COTA provides transit service and set fares in a manner that is fair and equitable.

COTA adheres to the objectives of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as policies set forth in the Executive Order on Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice (EJ) in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations (1994).

In the fall of 2012 new FTA regulations for Title VI and EJ were released; the regulations require transit agencies to adopt four policies regarding service implementation and fare prices to prevent discrimination. 

We have held public meetings to learn more about proposed policies and encourage input.  

Short- Range Transit Plan Public Comment Meetings

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has updated the five year Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP). The SRTP update incorporates public input in development of future transit service plans, bus purchases, facility upgrades and maintenance, customer service improvements, and other initiatives. The Plan also provides documentation necessary to support federal funding of transportation improvements listed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The following goals will guide COTA’s plans for the next five years:

• Provide effective, safe, customer-focused transit service;
• Provide transportation alternatives to residents with disabilities;
• Manage public resources responsibly;
• Expand community support for public transportation; and
• Promote environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Accessible Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) Meetings

Board Meetings

All interested persons or groups are encouraged to attend and participate. Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin, disability or familial status.


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