What is NextGen?

As the primary provider of public transit services in central Ohio, COTA is undertaking a long-range planning effort - NextGen - to identify public transportation needs and opportunities through 2050.

Central Ohio is growing and changing as the region adds new residents and the preferences and priorities of current residents change. While other efforts have helped evaluate these trends and translate them into plans for community growth and development, NextGen will comprehensively consider how these trends will shape opportunities and demand for public transportation.

NextGen goals:

  • Lead the community in envisioning what our public transportation system needs to accomplish in the coming decades to ensure central Ohioans have access to jobs, housing, education, and services.

  • Prepare central Ohio for future growth by identifying transit investments that integrate with regional plans and goals. Critical regional goals include maintaining regional competitiveness, minimizing sprawl, and responding to demographic preferences.

  • Create transit investment options to support local and regional efforts to develop transit-oriented and multi-modal communities.

  • Identify conventional and creative revenue options that offer potential to support the recommended plan and ensure the plan can be implemented.

Project Advisory Group

A Project Advisory Group (PAG) has been selected to represent different parts of the community throughout the NextGen process. The PAG will help guide the study by providing technical input and feedback from the organizations they represent.

Related Planning Efforts

There are a number of distinct but related planning efforts going on in central Ohio. NextGen is actively coordinating with these efforts. Click here for more information on these efforts.