Proposed Service

Station Locations

The Cleveland Avenue BRT project will feature a total of 63 stations throughout the corridor. Although these stations are uniquely designed and branded, their configuration along the corridor is different, as described below:

  • 36 BRT stations (including a Northland Transit Center and upgraded Northern Lights Park & Ride)
  • 14 BRT branded markers at existing Downtown shelters
  • 13 improved shelters for the Enhanced Bus Service north of SR-161

There will be different types of BRT station/markers and Enhanced Bus shelters for the project. Each type will be distinguished by location (neighborhood and major boarding locations with connecting transit services), shelter size and other features. Check out the interactive map on the Constuction Schedule page to learn more about station types.

We welcome your valuable feedback on the proposed BRT station locations for Cleveland Avenue. To provide comments, please email COTA BRT, or call (614)308-4444, TTY/TTD (614) 275-5858.



Buses will arrive every 10 minutes at stations located between Downtown and SR-161. Most stations will have shelters, raised platforms 14' above the street, ramps for riders with disabilities, branded pylons, ticket kiosks, bike racks, route maps, and real-time bus arrival information. Shelters will feature indoor waiting areas and improved transfer connections to two other transit routes. A signal priority system will trigger green lights to help delayed buses get back on schedule.

From SR-161, service will switch from BRT to Enhanced Bus Service, carrying passengers to Polaris Parkway/Africa Road every 30 minutes.

For questions or comments about the project, or to be added to our mailing list for project updates, contact us:


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