Public Open Houses

In late July 2016, COTA held four public open houses in Westerville, downtown Columbus, Northland and South Linden to share with the community what to expect during CMAX construction and how updates will be communicated. In addition, COTA conducted six community presentations through area commissions and community councils.

Click here to view the Public Open Houses PowerPoint presentation or here for the information boards.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

On August 4, 2016, COTA held a ceremonial groundbreaking at the Fort Hayes Education Center to kick-off construction of CMAX. More than 75 people attended the event. COTA President/CEO W. Curtis Stitt opened the event with welcoming remarks, followed by key speakers:

  • Marisol Simon - Regional Administrator, Federal Transit Administration

  • The Honorable Joyce Beatty - U.S. Congresswoman, 3rd District of Ohio

  • The Honorable Shannon Hardin - Councilmember, Columbus City Council

  • Jennifer Gallagher - Public Service Director, City of Columbus

  • Emmanuel Remy - Chair, Northland Community Council

  • Dr. Milton Ruffin - Principal, Fort Hayes Education Center

Public Meeting Gallery - July 2016


CMAX Groundbreaking - August 2016