Community Projects

How We’re Making Our Community Better

Whether improving our current service or investing in rapid transit, COTA actively works to find ways to make our community better.

Because of your support, COTA is in the seventh year expanding our service. We’ve added new lines, increased the service area and frequency of service, upgraded infrastructure, constructed a new facility, and increased community outreach and engagement.

Community Engagement

We reach out to the community by holding community leader roundtable discussions, delivering presentations to neighborhood groups, business and civic organizations and participating in one-on-one and group meetings with our stakeholders.

Each year, COTA participates in over 300 outreach activities that help us know our community better and let the community know COTA better. We want to involve our community stakeholders in our planning process, let COTA officials listen to what the community thinks about our transit plans and increase our presence and value.

Public Meetings and Comment

We share each of COTA’s planned projects online and in public meetings. Proposed plans are always open to comment. Your feedback is important. Read more...

Service Changes

We review and change our services three times a year and make improvements on the first Monday of January, May and September of each year. Please take a moment to share what we could do to improve your experience. Read more...

Initiatives, Analysis, & Capital Investments

We know that we can only improve our service for you if we invest wisely in our organizaiton. We are living up to that commitment by enhancing our transit system in the following ways.

CMAX Bus Rapid Transit

High frequency service will operate primarily along Cleveland Avenue, between Downtown Columbus and SR-161 (10.3 miles), with improved local service continuing north to Polaris Parkway (5.3 miles). Read more....

Bus Stop Service Improvement Project

Ideally spaced bus stops can have positive impact on quality of service causing buses to operate effectively and efficiently. Read more...

Capital Investments

Capital Projects are critical investments in our community that directly improve your service. Read more...

Transit Plans: Short and Long Term

We use the data we collect today to build toward the future. Our plans project short term goals over a five-year timeline as well as setting strategy for central Ohio for the next 23+ years. Read more...

Transit System Review

In October, 2013, embarked on a review of its transit network. The objective of the Transit System Review (TSR) is to define the needs of residents, riders and businesses then develop a plan for an improved transit network that better serves the region. The study will be completed in approximately seven months, resulting in a comprehensive review of current transit services and recommendations for positive changes to COTA’s transit network over the next 5 to 10 years.

The TSR will review COTA’s current bus network, and propose changes to the network including route modifications and technology improvements. The study will analyze current and projected market and socio-demographic conditions within central Ohio to determine if the current system meets the needs of the region based upon COTA’s vision of public transit. Completion is expected by June 2014.

A Transit Advisory Committee (TAC), three focus groups and public meetings will be held to guide the development of recommendations.

COTA chose IBI Group to lead the review. Information about the review will be available on and through social media. Read more...