How do you want to get around in the next 10, 15, 25 years and beyond? Our region is growing, attracting more jobs and more people who are all traveling the same streets.  COTA NextGen envisions a way forward.  It’s your move!

We're Almost Done with the NextGen Plan

We listened to you in order to understand the existing and future needs for transit. In 2015, we studied plans, analyzed current and forecasted population, jobs, congestion and travel, and put it all together with your ideas.

The emerging vision for the next generation of transit will deliver what you asked for: more local service and faster transit service.

Vision 2050: Transit Enhancements

You want more choices! Local service investments envisioned by 2050 include:

  • More frequent bus service, on more routes, on more days
  • More urban circulators like CBUS
  • New suburban circulators and additional service connecting suburban areas
  • More freeway commuter service
  • More suburban job access (reverse commutes)
  • More transit for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Infrastructure and technology upgrades to improve service quality
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Vision 2050: High Capacity Transit

You want high capacity transit service -- either rail or rapid buses.  High capacity transit carries more people than a typical bus line at higher speeds, with more frequent service and fewer stops in a congestion-proof corridor. 

Over the past two years, the community told us where they want to go, and we listened. This input led us to 13 rapid transit, high-capacity corridors:

  • Possible Today: Three rise to the top. If locally supported, these corridors have the ridership, transit-friendly development, and other factors necessary to compete for federal funding today.
  • Successful Tomorrow: As transit use grows, six more corridors could be successful in the near future:
  • Viable with Focus: Finally, four corridors have community support, but require public focus and private development for rapid transit to be viable.


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