Fares & Passes

General Fares

All passes can be purchased in advance at COTA Pass Sales, located Downtown at 33 N. High St., at the Ticket Vending Machine available 24 hours at 33 N. High St., or at participating outlets throughout the city.

Fare boxes accept COTA-issued passes, ticket, transfers and cash only – both bills and coins. Be sure to have exact change when boarding. Free transfers, available upon request, are good for two hours.

View the brochure about Discounted Fares.


Local $2.00
Crosstown $2.00
Express $2.75



Ask for your transfer when you board the bus. Transfers are available at no additional cost on all lines and are valid for two hours.. Transfers cannot be used make a return trip. Transfers between bus from a Local to an Express route, are subject to an up-charge.

TRANSFER ISSUED ON                                            TRANSFER USED ON

Line Type Local
Local ---- $0.75
Crosstown ---- $0.75
Express ---- ----



If you ride regularly, COTA offers 1-day, 7-day and 31-Day bus passes. You can buy an adult 1-day pass on the bus.

DayPass $4.50 + $0.75 per trip
7-Day Pass $25.00 + $0.75 per trip
31-Day Pass $62.00 $85.00
Summer Youth Pass*
June 1-Aug. 31
$62.00 + $0.75 per trip
OSU Opt-In Pass* $62.00 (included)

You can buy 7-Day and 31-Day Passes at:

*Summer Youth Passes and OSU Opt-In Passes are only sold at 33 N. High Street. Summer Youth Pass is offered to those 17 & younger, and is not valid on Mainstream Service. The OSU Opt-In pass is for enrolled OSU - Columbus campus students only. 

Multi-Use Bus Ticket

COTA's Ticket Vending Machines in Downtown Columbus sell multi-trip tickets anytime. Once you buy these passes, you can activate them whenever you want to.

2 Rides Local/Crosstown
2 Rides Express
5 Rides Local/Crosstown
5 Rides Express
10 Rides Local/Crosstown
10 Rides Express

The machine at 33 N. High accepts cash and credit cards and provides your ticket, receipt and change immediately. The machines at North & South Terminals accept credit cards only.

The back of your ticket shows the number of trips you purchased. The next time you hop on a bus, activate your ticket. Each time you ride, the fare box will stamp your ride. Once all rides are used, the ticket will be stamped "EXPIRED TICKET."


Under 48"tall Free w/ adult (limit 3)
48" tall and over, up to age 12 One-way fare $1.00
Age 13+ Adult fares


For a Complete Listing

Click one of the links below to download our Rate Card for a complete listing of bus fares.