Vendor Opportunities

Our Vendors page is undergoing maintenance. In the meanwhile, please view our open vendor opportunities below. If you have any questions, please contact COTA Procurement at (614) 275-5800, or email

All vendors must have a current W-9 form registered with COTA. Please click here to download the latest W-9 form and return it with your bid materials.

Open Bids

Title Bid Ends
Request # Bid Starts
Commvault Software & NetApp Hardware in Support of the Backup Solution Project
4/12/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-11 3/21/17
Temporary Personnel Services
4/19/17 2:00 PM RFP 2017-04 3/21/17
Cisco Equipment in Support of the Network Server and Storage Infrastructure Project
4/11/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-09 3/20/17
 Equipment in Support of the Network Service and Storage Infrastructure Project 
4/6/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-08 3/10/17
McKinley Avenue Facility Concrete Pavement Replacement
Project Manual
Prevailing Wage

Addendum 1 - added 3/21/17
3/31/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-07 INF 3/2/17
Re-Solicitation of Miscellaneous Cummins Parts for Transit Coaches
Bid Worksheet - Excel Format 
3/29/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-07 3/2/17
Flexpod System & Implementation Services for COTA's Test Environment
3/30/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-06 3/2/17
Cisco Equipment in Support of the Enterprise Resource Planning Project 3/28/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-06 INF 3/1/17
Purchase of Tennant Floor Machine
3/23/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-04 INF 2/27/17
Tire Leasing and Tire Services 

Addendum 1 - added 3/22/17
Attachment - Excel Format
3/30/17 2:00 PM RFP 2017-03 2/24/17
Transit Yard Management System

Addendum 1 - added 2/28/17

Addendum 2 - added 3/3/17

Addendum 3 - added 3/15/17
Revised Section 2.1.3 
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
3/30/17 2:00 PM (revised) RFP 2017-02 2/21/17

Bids Pending Award

Title Bid Ended Bid # Bid Started
Purchase of One Statehouse Hip Style Bus Passenger Shelter


Addendum 1 - added 3/13/17
3/21/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-03 INF 2/23/17
Dell Computer Equipment 
Bid Worksheet - Excel Format 
3/17/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-05 INF 2/23/17
Service, Maintenance and Parts for COTA Closed Circuit Television Systems

Addendum 1 - added 3/7/17
3/14/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-02 INF 2/14/17
Purchase of Fifty (50) Trash Receptacles

Addendum 1 - added 2/21/17
2/28/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-01 INF 2/2/17
COTA Easton Transit Center Addition and Remodeling 

Project Manual 
Pre-Bid Schedule 
Prevailing Wage 
Site Logistics Phasing Plan 

Addendum 1 - added 1/31/2017 
Bid Schedule 

Addendum 2 - added 2/6/17
Addendum 2 Revised Drawing
Addendum 2 Revised Specifications
Addendum 2 Revised Sit Logistics Phasing Plan
Addendum 2 PreBid Conference Sign In Sheet

Addendum 3 - added 2/16/17
2/28/17 2:00 PM  RFB 2017-01 1/5/17
Assorted Parts for Transit Coaches 
Bid Worksheet - Excel Format

Addendum 1 - added 2/14/17

Addendum 2 - added 2/16/17
3/1/17 2:00 PM RFB 2017-03 1/23/17
Worker's Compensation Third Party Administrator and Actuarial Services  

Addendum 1 - Added 1/31/17
2/8/17 2:00 PM RFP 2017-01 1/9/17
Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Fit for Duty Physical Capability Testing Services

Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E

Addendum 1 - added 12/30/16
1/25/174 2:00 PM RFP 2016-28

Bids Awarded

Title Bid # Award To Amount
Fare Management System RFP 2016-23 Genfare, a Division of SPX Corp. $6,841,708.65
Miscellaneous Parts for Transit Coaches RFB 2017-02 Various Various
CNG Motor Oil for Transit Coaches  RFB 2016-30 INF Glockner Oil Co. $64,000.00
Re-Solicitation for Graphic Design Services RFP 2016-29 Attache, Inc. $30,000.00
Re-Solicitation Transportation Services for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (ADA and Non-ADA Services) RFP 2016-26 First Transit, Inc. $5,068,104.00
2016 Awards      
Priority Two Bus Stop Sidewalk Development RFB 2016-26 Newcomer Concrete Services, Inc. $279,870.00
Equipment in Support of the Phone System Replacement Project RFB 2016-24 INF CDW Government, LLC $42,342.00
Re-Solicitation for Bids for Right-of-Way Site Work for the
Cleveland Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project
Complete General Construction Company $9,673,157.67
Purchase of Regular Self-Service Unleaded Gasoline RFB
Speedway, LLC $401,872.00
Bids for the Purchase of Eighteen (18) 4'x19' and Five (5) 4'x12'
Shed Style Bus Passenger Shelters
Brasco International, Inc. $109,077.00
Bids for Easton Transit Center Site Improvements RFB
R.W. Setterlin Building Co., Inc. $922,000.00
Qualifications for Transit Planning & Engineering Services RFQ 2016-03 TranSystems Corporation of Ohio $1,308,000.00
Purchase of Bus Stop Signs
2016-19 INF
Wolf Metals, Inc. $44,250.00
Bids for the Purchase of Shelters and Markers for the
Cleveland Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project
Decamil $4,749,205.00
Above Ground Glycol Storage Tank Code
Compliance Project
2016-17 INF
U.S.T. Environmental Contractor, Inc. $38,145.00
Proposals for Customer Satisfaction Survey RFP
EMC Research, Inc. $50,000.00
Re-Solicitation of Priority One Bus Stop Development RFB 2016-21 INF A to Z Property Maintenance, Inc. $82,500.00
Construction of the Northland Transit Center RFB 2016-18 Gutknecht Construction $3,025,000.00
Security Guard Services RFP
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. $1,377,271.12
Forty (40) Bus Passenger Benches RFB 2016-20 INF Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc. $46,588.00
Miscellaneous Air Conditioning Parts for Transit Coaches RFB 2016-21 Various Various
Transit System Redesign (TSR) Community Relations Consultant Services RFP 2016-16 Paul Werth Associates $80,000.00
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for Transit Coaches RFB 2016-20 Lykins Energy Solutions $5,700,000.00
Gas Detection Services RFB 2016-23 INF Scadatech $95,000.00
Purchase and Co-Termination of Forcepoint Software Licenses for the Operator VDI Project RFB 2016-25 INF SHI International $28,777.50
Pest Control Services for COTA's Transit Coaches and Facilities RFB 2016-24 Orkin $91,336.44
COTA Downtown Administrative Office 4th and 8th Floor Renovations RFB 2016-22 Elford, Inc. $222,500.00
Purchase and Installation of Furniture Fixtures & Equipment for COTA Downtown Administrative Office 4th & 8th Floor Renovation RFB 2016-22 INF Loth, Inc. $69,857.67
Re-Solicitation for Miscellaneous Cummins Parts for Transit Coaches RFB 2016-27 Various Various
Purchase of Miscellaneous Parts for Transit Coaches RFB 2016-24 Various Various
Janitorial Cleaning Supplies RFB 2016-25 Various Various
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Information System RFP 2016-11 Xerox Consultant Company, Inc. $4,225,460.00
Design, Development and Delivery of an Interactive Website and Data Management System  RFP 2016-17 ZED Digital $349,450.00
Brightsign Equipment in Support of the Cleveland Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project  RFB 2016-28 INF Zynchro Systems, LLC $32,152.00
Satellite Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility  RFB 2016-19 R W Setterlin Building Company $3,319,000.00
Purchase of Trend Micro Software  RFB 2016-31 INF SHI International Corp. $29,349.50
Hewlett Packard Software in Support of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project RFB 2016-29 INF CDW Government, LLC $45,620.00
Fare Management System  RFP 2016-23 Genfare, a Division of SPX Corporation $6,841,708.65
Servicing of Fasteners  RFB 216-27 INF Dotter Fasteners $45,000.00
Transit Coach Standards for Preventative Maintenance Inspection Intervals Consulting Services RFP 2016-24 TRC Engineering Services, LLC $23,760.00
On-Board Audio and Other Transit Advertising Services RFP 2016-22 CommuterAds N/A
Transit Coach Standards for Preventative Maintenance Inspection Intervals Consulting Services RFP 2016-24 TRC Engineering Services, LLC $23,760.00
FTA Drug & Alcohol Testing Third Party Administrator RFP 2016-21 Health Research Systems, Inc. $93,000.00
COTA Boardwalk Street Bus Stops RFB 2016-31 Decker Construction Company $250,665.69