COTA Leadership

Leadership in Service

COTA has a strong leadership team dedicated to improving the quality of our community’s transit system and the lives it touches. The COTA team includes our executive leadership, directors, and board members. At every level, COTA is committed to keep you moving. 

COTA’s Executive Leadership

COTA’s leadership is committed to excellence in serving our stakeholders – customers, employees and taxpayers. We deliver quality transportation services and conduct business courteously, safely, ethically and reliably, demonstrating leadership that is fiscally responsible and environmentally conscientious.

W. Curtis Stitt

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael  L. Bradley

Vice President of Planning and Service Development

Micheal D. Carroll

Vice President of Information Technology, Chief Information Officer

Laura-Koprowski-8093.jpg Laura Koprowski

Vice President of Government Affairs and Strategic External Communications

Marty Stutz

Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Customer Service

Kristen Treadway

Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations

Jeffrey Vosler

CFO/Vice President of Finance and DBE Compliance Officer

Christina Wendell

Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Emille Williams

Vice President of Operations